Why Did God Become Man? The Incarnation Explained

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

  • Do We Really Understand Christmas?
  • Christmas is a Celebration of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ
  • The Incarnate Jesus is 100% God and 100% Man
  • The Incarnation Revealed God to Mankind
  • The Incarnation Revealed Mankind to Mankind
  • God Became Man so that Man Could Become god(like)

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Trust in the Father

In a previous post that you can read here, I reported on a recent report of rising suicide rates in the United States. In that post, I suggested that perhaps one reason that people are feeling so desperate in life is, that when experiencing the normal stresses in life, they do not have a solid foundation of faith and trust in God the Father to rely on.

In other words, without a complete trust in God the Father, then everyday life can seem to be hopeless.

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