Roadtrip Introduction


Many people today are lost and anxious. If there is any doubt, simply scan the major news headlines. Failure of marriages and family relationships, chronic unemployment, skyrocketing use of anti-depressant medications, rising suicide rates and the staggering number of young men in prison are just a few evidences of people in agony. Something is terribly wrong.

I believe at the core of mankind’s many problems lies the fact that people have little to no understanding of themselves and their destiny. Without a clear vision of what they are, where they are going, and why, people are left adrift, personally floundering to find meaning, purpose and direction to their lives.

Thankfully we don’t have to figure it out on our own because God has revealed His plan for us all. Unfortunately, the message is sometimes explained by theologians or philosophers using language and concepts that are difficult for the average Joe to understand. As a result, many people become frustrated and look elsewhere for the truth with the disastrous consequences mentioned above. Fortunately, there is another way to understand, one that most of us can relate to.

God’s plan for us, from earth to heaven, can be thought of as that quintessential cross country car trip. This book, therefore, will present the good news of the Gospel message framed around such a road trip story. As you join the pages of our road trip, place yourself in the car, see the sights, smell the air and feel bumps in the road, but most importantly listen to God speaking to you, about you.

While researching for this book, I began asking people a set of three questions. The results will be revealed and discussed as the book unfolds, but in the meantime the reader will be well served to keep in mind these three questions:

  1. Why was I created?
  2. What is God’s intended purpose of my life?
  3. What really happens after I die?

If these questions are as important to our happiness as I believe they are, every human should be able to provide immediate responses. If this book is successful, each reader will be able answer these questions with certainty and conviction. The essence of your relationship with God and ultimate happiness is contained in your answers.

I pray that everyone that turns the last page will see with greater clarity their entire life in harmony with God’s plan – a life centered on Christ rather than self, a life of developing a more intimate relationship with Him through the Sacraments, and a life of being transformed into His image and likeness once again.

May the Lord bless you on your journey.

Tom Massoth