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Read Some Current Reviews of:  Roadtrip – A Journey to Forever

  • WOW!  Just wanted to let you know that I read Roadtrip – The Journey portion this weekend and LOVED it!  Thank you for sharing your faith and leading me closer to our Lord.  I will be sharing Roadtrip with many more people.
  • I just finished reading your beautiful book.  I enjoyed it to the end, and found many ‘a spiritual nugget’ that I never encountered before.
  • Massoth takes us on a journey across the country and into our inner souls. The story builds as the protagonist finds his way with the “maps” that he has been provided. The book is marked by honesty and directness; there is no fluff. Touching moments and challenges that test the resolve of the human spirit abound.
  • Your book arrived and I’ve begun the Journey. I just finished page 75, and it gets better and better as it goes.  You are quite a talented writer and I enjoy the sophistication of the storyline, mixing many details of a pretty normal ‘Californian’ life, with both the natural wonders of the American landscape, and the slower pace and simplicity of rural living.
  • I really enjoyed Massoth’s book. His writing style is very unique and refreshing. It is worth reading the book just to experience a style that is interesting and different. The story sucks you in. First of all, who hasn’t dreamed of a road trip across America – whether in a car or on a bike? Massoth makes it happen and you feel like you are in the back seat – but unseen and not in the way – just observing. Massoth lets you really get to know Gus as you follow his journey. He goes places (and we are not just talking geography here) and wrestles with thoughts and questions that we have all experienced or asked ourselves – but for what purpose? That is where the second part of the book comes in. Massoth masterfully relates Gus’s experiences and encounters to the lessons we can all learn from the bible – whether Christian or not. Gus asks, “Who am I and why am I here?” You will too. Read Roadtrip. You won’t be disappointed!
  • The whole book is unique, in many ways.  You begin with a fictional biography, and you reveal it to be an allegory leading to something greater in the second part of the book with your ‘theological commentary’…
  • The allegorical story is very appealing, and the teaching afterwards, which is really somewhat of a surprise, is filled with some deep theological reflections, backed by pertinent scriptures to support them and also filled with important apologetic points which many non-Catholics can benefit by.
  • The end of the book was also impressive.  The ‘Wedding Feast of the Lamb’ was very well portrayed.  I thought to myself while reading “how appropriate this ending is, how spiritual and true”.  It was quite moving, and your deep spirituality and witness really shined through all the way to the end. Very impressive!
  • Thank you very much for sending this great book.  I will treasure it always!