About SimpleCatholicTruth

The best way to describe the reason for the Simple Catholic Truth blog is to unpack the SCT logo.

We’ll start at the end with the outline of our Lord on the Cross representing the letter ‘T’:
cross-clip-art-ncBXEy7cAHere is the focus and summit of our Faith. He is the Way to the Father, the Truth of God’s plan, and the Light. Since the only way to the Father is thru the Son, we should hold back no effort in discovering the Truth, understanding the Truth, and walking in the Light. The Truth is our goal.


Next, the letter ‘S’ which stands for Simple:

S_Logo The Truth is both a Divine mystery and wonderfully simple at the same time. Like the workings of our fusion Sun that I do not fully understand, I realize the need for its light and warmth to survive. This blog will explain the Truth in simple terms like light and heat, and leave the nuclear details to the theologians and philosophers. This blog is a place for the common man,  who needs to understand enough to see and to stay warm.


And finally, the Letter ‘C’:

Logo_CGod has used His creation, the Prophets and Apostles, and His Incarnate Son to reveal Himself and His plan to us all. But our Lord knew the Truth needed to be guarded against misinterpretation and abuse. To that end, Jesus left us a single universal Catholic Church to act as the pillar and foundation of Truth (1 Tm 3:15). Therefore, here at SCT we will pursue the Truth from the Catholic perspective because of our confidence that the Church teaches and guards the fullness of His Truth.