About Me




My name is Tom and I’d like to welcome you to Simple Catholic Truth.

Michele and I have been married 40 years and now reside in Yorba Linda, CA where we raised our two daughters Lisa and Jennifer. We have been blessed with four perfect grandchildren that needless to say take a lot of our time and give us so much joy. I’m a retired Boeing engineer now dedicating more time to God, family and friends, and way too many time-gobbling hobbies. I’m a Certified Flight Instructor in both airplanes and gliders and an avid cyclist.

I’ve fallen in love with Holy Scripture and study Church history and the early development of Christian doctrines. My particular interest lies in presenting the fullness of the Catholic faith in simple and easy-to-understand terms to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I pray for a more unified Christian faith in the world and see open honest dialog as the key to spreading the Good News.