The Modern Massacre of the Holy Innocents

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:
  • Two Thousand Years Ago a New King was Born
  • King Herod Thought his Lifestyle and Kingdom were Threatened by the New King
  • Herod Orders the Infant Innocents Slaughtered to Preserve his Status Quo
  • Two Thousand Years Later The Innocent are Still Dying
  • Mankind Needs the New King More Than Ever

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REAL Christmas Giving – St. Teresa’s Orphanage

For decades, our two daughters’ godmother has been organizing a Christmas gift-giving pilgrimage to St Teresa’s Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. It is quite a planning undertaking and lengthy commitment – dealing with two governments, coordinating with the orphanage, countless donors and about a dozen cars in the volunteer caravan. This year the trip was documented with this video production created by her granddaughter Evie. I hope you enjoy this example of REAL Christmas giving.



Click the video below:


If you would like to learn more about the orphanage or how you might be involved or help next Christmas, just drop me an email at


Why Did God Become Man? The Incarnation Explained

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

  • Do We Really Understand Christmas?
  • Christmas is a Celebration of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ
  • The Incarnate Jesus is 100% God and 100% Man
  • The Incarnation Revealed God to Mankind
  • The Incarnation Revealed Mankind to Mankind
  • God Became Man so that Man Could Become god(like)

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Prayer: The CAPTAIN of my Ship

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

  • A simple mnemonic can add structure and help us remember things
  • For prayer, some people use the word A.C.T.S
  • I found using the word CAPTAIN adds captain-epuletsrichness and focus to my daily prayers:

C – Contrition
A – Almighty
P – Petition
T – Thanksgiving
A – Adoration
IN – INtentions


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