Pro-Choice Catholic, Tim Kaine and Unicorns

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

  • Abortion is Intrinsically Evil
  • A “faithful Catholic” is one who embraces the truth of the Gospel as taught without error by the Catholic Church
  • The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is intrinsically evil.debate
  • A “faithful Catholic” can not support abortion as a moral act.
  • A “faithful Catholic” that is pro-choice is as real as a unicorn.

The Simple Catholic Truth:

I mostly ignored the vice-presidential debates last week. I knew those 90 minutes would be forever lost in my life and frankly I had better use of my time. The three ring debate circus turned out as expected with an endless barrage of scripted one-liner policy statements and personal attacks. And the interruptions, oy vey! the interruptions. Boy I’m glad I used my time in more productive activities like cleaning the motor oil stain from my driveway and picking up dog poop from the back yard.

I was doing pretty well ignoring the endless reports and re-reports of the debate until I heard some clips on the radio. At one point Senator Kaine said, “My faith is central to everything I do.” I was well aware that Mr. Kaine presents himself as a “faithful Catholic” running on the Democrat ticket that is clearly pro-abortion, so this got my attention.

Anyone who claims the Catholic label either doesn’t understand what it means to be Catholic or has decided to ignore or bend those beliefs to fit a different more desirable (lucrative or powerful) world view. Now it’s certainly a free country and people are free to say one thing and do another. Unfortunately on this grand stage of national politics, other people that are listening will get confused.

First, some might begin to believe that the Church has changed its stance on abortion. Let’s be perfectly clear. Abortion is intrinsically evil, that is, it is evil by its own nature. The act of killing an innocent unborn is always wrong because of the act itself. It doesn’t matter what the Church says about abortion, it doesn’t even matter if abortion was made legal or not, abortion is morally evil. Always has been. Always will be. The Catholic Church has not change its position on abortion. The Church has always held and taught with conviction that abortion is always a morally grave sin.

Second, Mr Kaine, the “faithful Catholic”, is clearly running on a pro-abortion platform. It seems therefore that he either does not understand what his Church has been teaching or he has somehow decided to ignore it as far as his public policies are concerned. cafeteriaUnfortunately to some observers, Mr. Kaine’s public statements and behavior are reinforcing the notion that it’s okay to be a cafeteria Catholic, i.e. to pick and chose what you believe in and to also chose what to reject.

Finally, some of Mr. Kaine’s other comments during the debate began to shed some light as to how he is personally and intellectually attempting to reconcile his Catholic faith with his public policies. Mr. Kaine played the “my morality – your morality” card when he said “I am personally opposed to affronts to liberty, such as slavery, but I will not impose that view on others.” He is saying that as a Catholic he believes abortion is wrong but he will not impose his views on others. If Mr Kaine had said that as an elected official he is obligated to uphold the law (in this case abortion) but that as a Catholic he will continue trying to change that law, then I would have understood and respected his position as both a Catholic and Senator.

However, he chose instead to stand on the ridiculous idea of moral relativism. This is a cancer in our modern thinking and is utter nonsense. What if Mr. Kaine had said “I’m personally opposed to torturing children but I won’t impose that view on others”, or “I personally support recycling to counter global warming but I won’t impose that view on others?” Rest assured he would have been laughed off the stage.

Mr. Kaine then doubled down on this morality issue when he said, “But why doesn’t Donald Trump trust women to make this choice for themselves? … on fundamental issues of morality, we should let women make their own decisions.” There you have it again, the statement that morality is in the eyes of the individual.

Also, I hate to break it to Mr. Kaine but societies have never trusted the individual to make good decisions, moral or otherwise. If what he claimed were true, we wouldn’t need laws. To the contrary, from the day when mankind started deciding for him and herself what was morally acceptable or not, laws became necessary.

Senator Kaine’s claim as a faithful Catholic and his pro-choice politics present enormous conflicts for him both personally and intellectually. His explanations fail under even the slightest challenge of logic and honesty. In the mean time, we must not get confused by the smoke blowing heard during any debates. Kaine and Clinton believe that unborn children, even those late in pregnancy, can rightly be subjected to the savagery of abortion, and that taxpayers should foot the bill. Any doublespeak to the contrary is nothing more than a calculated move to attract Catholic and conservative Christian voters.

So, with all respect Mr. Kaine, please stop presenting yourself as a pro-choice faithful Catholic. That combination simply doesn’t exist. unicorn
A pro-choice Catholic exist only the minds of those that work inside the D.C. beltway and believe in unicorns.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Catholic, Tim Kaine and Unicorns”

  1. very well put. I am appalled at the cowardice of politicians worldwide, many who say they are Catholic yet abdicate morality in the form of deference to choice. What angers me more is that someone can say ” I am personally against abortion but I allow others to make that decision for themselves”. Sadly someone with this viewpoint is complicit in the act itself because rather than denounce an act that they find as morally reprehensible on a personal note they allow someone to decide for themselves whether the act is moral or immoral. If life operated that way the law would be a nonsense as we could all decide what is and what is not wrong ( bare in mind that the law as we know is not always moral unless it has its normative expression in natural legalism). If beggars belief that someone can acknowledge an act as immoral but at the same breath give credence to another to make a decision contrary to that same self acknowledged immoral act, all accomplished in the name in some form of casuistry and a yearning to be politically correct. Moral relativism as you know is logically self refuting but sadly abortion goes beyond the abstract and takes millions of innocent lives. Certa bonum certamen. A friend in Christ

    1. Wayne,
      Thank you for your candid response. Largely, I agree with you in that many of our politicians seem to want to have it both ways. On one hand they want to embrace the (Catholic) moral theology that life begins at conception and is priceless and worth of fighting for, but on the other hand they somehow seem to rationalize the (pro-choice) position and conclude that some life is worthless.
      Personally, I am baffled as to how a “Catholic” can rationalize those two seemingly self-contradictory positions.
      That said, I am not quite ready to accuse all those as being “complicit” in the most literal sense of the word. Yes, they implicitly support an egregious act of moral tragedy. However, I rather somehow think they are severely confused in their position. Yes, they are part of a modern genocide, but I know God has a space in His merciful heart for even those that support this crime against humanity.
      The only way we are to change this culture of death is to change the attitudes of our culture. We must stand strong on the position that sin is sin, but, at the same time we must also reach out with compassion to those that feel trapped with no other “choice.”
      In our current political environment, the reconciliation of these two positions might seem impossible. However, always keep in mind that nothing is impossible with a loving and compassionate God…especially in things that have to do with life!
      With compassion, keep up the good fight.
      Yours in Christ.

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