Breaking News! – “Roadtrip” is available

I have exciting news to share with everyone! My first book entitled Roadtrip – A Journey to Forever,  is finally complete and rolling off the printing press. It will be available in just two short weeks.


Roadtrip is a story about a young man’s personal discovery of God, the fullness of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and the Sacramental life that leads to true happiness.

A few years ago, I began an informal study project to learn more fully my Catholic faith and be able to explain it to others. There is an abundance of wonderful books on Catholicism and theology but many can get very technical and difficult to read. I found there was a real need for teaching the basics of Catholicism, especially the role of the Sacraments, in a way that most people could handle. Roadtrip is a fun-to-read adventure story yet is very powerful in explaining the essence of Catholicism to Christians and non-Christians alike.

To learn more about Roadtrip, I invite you to read the actual Introduction reprinted in the “Roadtrip Introduction” menu page above or simply click this link here.

Also, you can review the Table of Contents reprinted in the “Roadtrip Table of Content” menu page above or simply click this link here.

Roadtrip – A Journey to Forever is paperback, 243 pages and will retail on Amazon soon for $13.88 plus tax (Total $15.00). If you are interested in purchasing your own copy, I’m excited to offer a special introductory deal that includes FREE SHIPPING for the first 50 orders!

Take advantage of this special limited-time offer of FREE SHIPPING by visiting the “Order Roadtrip” menu above or by clicking here.

You will be taken to a page where you can simply send me an email reserving your copy of Roadtrip – A Journey to Forever. No payment will be taken now – I’ll be back in touch when I start shipping your copy!

Be sure to take a look at the Introduction and Table of Contents! I look forward to hearing from you and reserving your copy of Roadtrip – A Journey to Forever.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News! – “Roadtrip” is available”

  1. Congratulations Tom!
    Can’t wait to go on your “Roadtrip”.
    What a wonderful journey and way to share your faith.
    God’s Blessings!

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