Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion: It depends on what the meaning of ‘Life’ is.

I’ve just finished reading Trent Horn’s 2014 book Persuasive Pro-Life. For those who have not had a chance, I highly recommend getting a copy. Persuasive Pro-LifeTrent is highly experienced in the field of Pro-Life apologetics and although this book is thorough, it is concise, well organized and easy to read. While delving deeply into various pro-abortion claims and Pro-Life rebuttals, he consistently encourages readers to remember that fundamentally the Pro-Life cause needs to be grounded on the fact that there is a universal human equality that applies to the unborn.



The old adage of a comic strip being equal to 1000 words has never been more true so take a look at this, provided courtesy of Adam Ford: .

innocent-human-life1 innocent-human-life2 (1)  innocent-human-life3


So there you have it in a nut shell.

Pro-abortion proponents have made abortion an issue of personal freedom. Abortion has been made an issue of women’s health. Abortion has been made a religious only issue. Abortion has even been characterized as a ‘right to privacy’ by the Supreme Court.

Certainly, its important to understand the academic or legal arguments brought forward by the pro-abortion crowd. It is also important to be able to calmly and unemotionally (I’m not too good at that part) present concise rebuttals to these positions and Persuasive Pro-Life can be a great help in that regard. That said, it is also clear that most of us are not the Trent Horn types with the educational background or personal demeanor required to prepare for and formally debate the issue.

So, the next time you are struggling to communicate the Pro-Life position, remember this comic strip and get back on point. Don’t be distracted with red herrings or get flustered if you can’t remember complex rebuttals.

Remember, our mission is simple – to defend innocent human life.


p.s. I’m planning in future posts to summarize some of Trent’s fantastic discussions on a few of the common pro-abortion claims (e.g. the case of rape or incest). If there are other any particular topics that you would be interested in hearing about, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to respond.

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