The Triduum

Well, in the better late than never category I offer this post. I was hoping to publish this early last week but was delayed slightly in securing permissions from the original authors. My bad for getting a late start.

ITriduum particularly like this presentation because 1) it is very graphical, intuitive and easy to understand and 2) that for each of the three days, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday the information is presented in three categories: What happened that day, What you’ll see at Church, and Live the Day.



In any event, they have now kindly granted permission so below is a link to their handy illustrated guide to The Triduum. They have asked that only the thumbnail be posted here and that you instead be directed to their website for the full sized and downloadable PDF version.

Go to the website of FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students and check out this guide. You can click on a full size version on their site or you can download the PDF version, print it and save if for next year. As you read it, think back on what you saw the last few days and I’m sure it will help to understand these Simple Catholics Truths. Enjoy!

Here is their direct link:

Hope you had a most blessed Easter!


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