Avarice (Greed) and Generosity

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

Greed   gen1      gen2

  • Avarice (Greed) is the Unreasonable Desire for Riches
  • How do we Determine ‘Unreasonable’ ?
  • What Does Jesus Teach us About Money?
  • Is Money Personal or Communal?
  • How much is enough?
  • Generosity is the Antidote to Avarice

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Sloth and Zeal (Enthusiasm)

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

sloth                   zeal

  • Sloth is Lethargy in Regard to Spiritual Growth
  • Modern Symptoms of Sloth include Secularism and Relativism
  • The Antidote to Sloth is Zeal (Enthusiasm)
  • If you Discover God’s Intended Purpose for Your Life, Enthusiastic Spiritual Growth will Naturally Follow
  • The 7 Corporal and 7 Spiritual Works of Mercy can help Guide Your Discovery
  • Pray; Ask for Help Discerning Your Mission!

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Anger (Wrath) and Forgiveness

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

Wrath             Forgive

  • Anger (Wrath) is the Unreasonable Desire for Vengeance
  • Anger is not always a sin; Only when Accompanied with Wishing Misfortune to Others
  • We Must Break the Cycle of Anger with Forgiveness
  • The Forgiveness of Our Sins by the Father, is Conditional on Us Forgiving Others!
  • Forgiveness is not a Weakness; Forgiveness is the Power of God Within Us

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Calling all Mackerel Snappers

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

mackerel                   cross-clip-art-ncBXEy7cA

  • “Mackerel Snapper” was a Derogatory 19th Century Reference to Catholics who Practiced Penitential Abstinence from Eating Meat on Friday 
  • Penance is a voluntary Self-Punishment Assumed as an Outward Expression of Repentance for Having Sinned
  • Abstaining from Meat on Fridays is a Form of Penance
  • Lent is the Season of Personal Preparation for Easter
  • Yearlong Friday Abstinence Helps to Continually Unify Us With the Passion of Christ
  • Let’s All be “Mackerel Snappers”; Let’s Make it a Positive Reference to Modern Catholics Who Love the Lord

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Envy and Admiration

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

envy                             admiration2

  • Envy is the Daughter of Pride; Together They Serve as the Most Grave of the 7 Deadly Sins
  • Thru Baptism, We Become Mystical Members of the “Body of Christ”, His Church
  • As Unified Members of the Body of Christ, Our Eternal Lives Mysteriously Involve Each Other
  • Our Fallen Nature (of the Flesh) Must Die in Christ So That We Can Live Forever
  • Admiration of Others is the Antidote to the Deadly Sin of Envy
  • Admiration Can be Misdirected; Admiring Someone for the Wrong Reasons

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The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

Simple        NOT…    Complex

  • The Gospel Message Can Seem Impossibly Complex, Almost Overwhelming At Times
  • Most People are Not Trained Theologians or Clergy
  • Most People Just Need the Simple Truth
  • God’s Truth is Universal
  • The Goal of SimpleCatholicTruth is to Present that Gospel Message in Simple and Relevant Terms for Everyone to Understand.

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Be Smart, Christian Voters

In case you haven’t noticed we are in the middle of another three-ring Presidential election. You can rest assured – Simple Catholic Truth will never pretend to be a source of political commentary or opinion. We will leave that for the professional, unbiased talking heads that try to fill our heads each day.

However, as Catholic Christians we must stay informed as voters because like it or not, the people we elect will shape the moral and spiritual character of our nation for generations. With the idea of becoming a better participant in the election process, I thought it appropriate to forward this interesting video that I recently ran across. This short 10 minute video presents in simple terms the differences in various forms of governments and where the American system fits in.

Most important, it gives some insight as to how you and I, as informed voting citizens, play such an critical role.  Enjoy.


Pride and Humility


The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

mecenter     Humility

  • In Times of Stress, Where Do You Go for Comfort? Self or God?
  • Pride is a Barrier Between Us and God, Preventing Us from Asking for Help.
  • Humility is the Prerequisite of Effective Prayer.
  • When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Praying.
  • Being Proud is Not the Same as Being Prideful.
  • Seek an Opportunity to Be Humble; Elevate the Competition

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Parents and Grandparents Beware: Our Youth are Being Hacked

Let there be no confusion: There is a cultural war raging in our country and the weapon of mass destruction being used against our teens and Smartphoneyoung adults in particular is the smartphone. Of course, these devices can be incredibly useful in communicating, doing research, finding treasures of information, even navigating our cars. But, we can not afford to turn a blind eye to the enormous dangers that come with such instant global access.

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7 Sins – 7 Virtues: Introduction

Last night was the first meeting of our new Adult Faith Formation class, 7 Deadly Sins – 7 Lively Virtues, provided by Word on Fire Ministries. I won’t repeat the general idea and outline of the course material; you can read that in my previous blog post.

7x7PosterToday, however, I’d just like to give a quick report on the people side of the story and to highlight the discussions we had on the Introduction questions. Since the intent of this class is personal reflection in preparation of Lent and Easter, we limit the actual in-class session to about an hour in length. As facilitator, I select a subset of the questions contained in the student workbooks, and we discuss those in class to help guide the individual’s home study and reinforce the main take-away points. Continue reading “7 Sins – 7 Virtues: Introduction”