Why is God Portrayed as Masculine in the Bible?

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

  • God is revealed in Holy Scripture as Masculine
  • Some people are troubled by the perceived “gender bias” in Scripture to the point of rejecting the Word.
  • I found 5 really good reasons to embrace the idea of God using a masculine gender.
    1. God the Transcendent Creator
    2. God as Trinity
    3. The Church is the Bride of Christ
    4. Jesus’ Message of Salvation
    5. Because the Bible Says So.

The Simple Catholic Truth:

Last week, our parish hosted their annual Holiday Craft Boutique. I’m not a craft fair type of person but decided to participate as a vendor in order to promote and sell copies of my new book Roadtrip – A Journey to Forever. As it turned out I had a really great time meeting many new people and sharing some interesting conversation. While describing the Roadtrip story to one woman, I mentioned the main protagonist was a young man estranged from his father. I continued by saying this relationship is explored throughout the book and my hope is that many readers will reflect on their relationship with God the Father.

At this point, the mood turned as she posed a serious challenge to the idea that God is predominately portrayed as a male figure.god-the-father  I must clarify here that this woman was not a raving radical feminist type. However, she honestly felt that Scripture contained a gender “bias” and was sincerely troubled. Our conversation was polite and constructive but I could see that she wasn’t convinced by my explanation. Since then it seemed to me that many people might have the same question so I decided to do a little research and post the results here at SimpleCatholicTruth.

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Vote Like Your Life Depended On It

The time to vote is only two weeks away and frankly I’m pretty tired of the entire three-ring spectacle. I’m saddened that the best our great country can bring forward are these two flawed presidential candidates. Unfortunately, that is the current state of affairs.vote

Here in California, we have on our ballots two propositions that directly address the use of the death penalty in criminal cases. Recently, I’ve been asked by some fellow parishioners my opinion as to how to evaluate these issues and how to reconcile them with Catholic principles. I did my best to offer some guidance but will not share  those thoughts in this forum.

Today, however I ran across the video below that reminded me that there is one other issue, perhaps even more critical, that relates to a death penalty. I wish I had the ability to think and speak with the clarity of this priest. I thank God for this homily and the courage and strength of the man who delivered it.

The video runs a little under 20 minutes but I strongly recommend that you find a quite place and listen to it completely. The issues he speaks to are certainly controversial but are critically important. Listen carefully to his words and vote accordingly – someone’s life may depend on your action.

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Exodus 32: A God of Revenge?

I’m leading a Bible study at church called Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. unlockingbible_75This video-based course is provided by Ascension Press and is the shorter, 8-week version of Jeff Gavin’s immensely popular 24 week program called The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation.

Things have been going very well. We proceeded through the Creation account of Genesis, the Fall of mankind and God’s Covenants with Abraham and Noah. Moses took His chosen people out of Egypt and into the desert, the Covenant with Moses was ratified in Exodus 24, and then we hit the Golden Calf incident. If you recall in Exodus 32, after Moses came down from Mt. Sinai and saw the Golden Calf, he gathered the sons of Levi together sent them out to kill 3000 throughout the camp of the Israelites.
It happens every time at this point in Bible studies that people begin to question the actions and justice of God. Specifically in this case people asked “Why did God allow the Levites to kill 3000 of their fellow Israelites?” It gets even more confusing when we get into the books of Joshua and Judges. For now I thought it would be good to comment on God’s reaction to Israel’s idolatry in Exodus 32.

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Pro-Choice Catholic, Tim Kaine and Unicorns

The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

  • Abortion is Intrinsically Evil
  • A “faithful Catholic” is one who embraces the truth of the Gospel as taught without error by the Catholic Church
  • The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is intrinsically evil.debate
  • A “faithful Catholic” can not support abortion as a moral act.
  • A “faithful Catholic” that is pro-choice is as real as a unicorn.

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Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura? Not so says St. Paul

Martin Luther once said that justification by Faith Alone (Sola Fide) is the article on which the Church stands or falls. lutherThe word justification simply means to become in a right relationship with God that leads to eternal salvation. Along side Sola Fide, the notion of Bible Alone (Sola Scriptura) served as the fuel and spark of the Protestant Revolt that tried to tear apart the Church 500 years ago.

Recently I have been having an interesting discussion with some Protestant friends regarding, in particular, Luther’s proposition of salvation by Sola Fide.  With this as the backdrop, yesterday’s daily Mass readings really caught my attention. To me these reading just screamed as compelling biblical proof against both the notion of Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide.

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