An Ultrasound of Life – A Spark of Hope

I was out shopping at a local mall a couple of days ago and I ran across this poster outside of Walmart.20160729_102953_resized
I’m a sucker for pictures of cute babies so I had to go have a closer look. What I found was an ultrasound image and a small spark of hope for the Pro-Life message.





As I closed in on that image of blue sky, clouds and an adorable smile, my attention then dropped down to the words “3D and 4D Ultrasound” and the two images below.20160729_102945_resized













Then with astonishment I read the caption: “Come and Meet Your Baby!”

This was an amazing find outside a public institution. I know that it is simply targeting those people that already support Life and are awaiting delivery. I realize that it is a paid advertisement for the purpose of selling a photo/imaging service. But I also realized that this billboard will be seen and read by countless people that hold various positions on the Life issue.

In a previous post that you can read here, I made a point that the basic Pro-Life message is that the unborn are every bit a full human person as the rest of us. As such, the innocent and helpless unborn deserve our full protection.

So what made this poster so remarkable? Simple put, in big bold letters it stated that the unborn is a baby.   “Come Meet Your Baby!”   This poster was rightfully humanizing what the liberal press calls a ‘fetus’ or a ‘product of conception’ or any other number of other distracting labels.

The fight continues to change the laws so that the atrocity of abortion is unlawful in our country. I wish those that are fighting that fight good luck because in a profound way the laws of any country reflect the ideals and morality of the citizens. It saddens me that the USA is a country that legally supports the killing of the unborn innocents.

That said, I think another battle must be waged and that is a cultural war of attitude and perception toward abortion. We must continue to change people’s attitudes about what that unborn child really is. We must constantly remind people that from conception to birth, a precious human child exists and needs our protection.

That is why this poster outside the mall made me so happy. It’s a small thing really. A single small billboard is just a spark. But the smallest spark can cause an ember to glow that eventually turns to a raging fire.

I hope the motivation of is more that just financial but even so, we must thank God for their message. We must pray for the true message of Life that is contained in their billboard and the people they are touching.

If you want to learn more about MyFirstFoto click here to go to their web site:

I you like pictures of cute babies as much as I do, I think you’ll also enjoy this video from My First Foto’s You-Tube channel.



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