Trust in the Father

In a previous post that you can read here, I reported on a recent report of rising suicide rates in the United States. In that post, I suggested that perhaps one reason that people are feeling so desperate in life is, that when experiencing the normal stresses in life, they do not have a solid foundation of faith and trust in God the Father to rely on.

In other words, without a complete trust in God the Father, then everyday life can seem to be hopeless.

So with that as the backstory, I’d like to share an experience last weekend with my grand kids. Our daughter Lisa and her husband Tim have three little ones: Sierra (32 months) and twin boys Aaron and Bryce (20 months). Well, the kids were all over visiting grandma and papa’s house Saturday and the play naturally ended up in the back yard. The boys are the perfect age for some rough and tumble: they are not so young that they are infant-fragile but they are still light enough to pick up easily. It didn’t take long before Tim and Aaron were playing a game of ‘catch’. I was lucky enough to capture this sequence of photos:

Launch..20160423_164329_9_resized   Apogee… 20160423_164330_10_resized

Reentry…20160423_164330_11_resized  Touchdown… 20160423_164330_12_resized

Later when I looked more carefully at the images, I was reminded of the posting on suicide and the trust we must have in God.

Look at Aaron’s face. See the total joy he is experiencing. Trust the FatherThe anxiety of the moment and the fear of falling was totally eclipsed by his trust in the father. That is a relationship of love.

It caused me stop and reflect on my own faith. Do I have this level of trust in my Father, especially in times of stress and trial? I hope so. I think so.



Today, I will add a special prayer.

Father, give me the strength to see my life completely in your hands and have no worries or doubt.Hands

Many of my brothers and sisters do not see your hands below them. They are falling in fear. Give them hope and the strength to see that you are always there and that true joy resides in you.

Father, let all of us trust in you like children.


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