The Simple Catholic Snapshots:

Simple        NOT…    Complex

  • The Gospel Message Can Seem Impossibly Complex, Almost Overwhelming At Times
  • Most People are Not Trained Theologians or Clergy
  • Most People Just Need the Simple Truth
  • God’s Truth is Universal
  • The Goal of SimpleCatholicTruth is to Present that Gospel Message in Simple and Relevant Terms for Everyone to Understand.

The Simple Catholic Truth:

It’s so true it hardly needs to be repeated. Our world is fast paced, our lives fast and furious and seemingly filled to the brim. The “new job’s a hassle and the kids have the flu” but we must find a way to talk and get together with God. Now of course, most us don’t have the inclination, time or even the mental aptitude to get a PhD in theology or Biblical studies but the Good News is that we don’t have to. God reveals Himself to us all in ways that we have time for and in ways that we can understand. This is the purpose of SimpleCatholicTruth (SCT) in both its content and layout.

First of all, I want people to be able to stop by at SimpleCatholicTruth and in just a few seconds get a pretty good idea of what we are talking about. I don’t want anyone to have to read 1000 words to get to the conclusions and take-away points. Therefore, as much as possible, each post at SCT will begin with a section called Simple Catholic Snapshots. In this section, I will present a few bullet points that capture the highlights of the post topic. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words so I will also try to include a graphic that represents the main message. The Simple Catholic Snapshots section is not intended as a replacement for reading the entire blog post, it is far too high level and summary in nature for that. However, I hope the Snapshots will allow the reader to use their precious time effectively in deciding what to read and what to skip.

The second part of each blog post will be entitled The Simple Catholic Truth and it is here that we dig a little deeper into the topic at hand. As I’ve said above, SCT is not a blog for PhD students or people who wish to engage in deep theological discussions. SCT is a site where the average Joe (or Josephine) visits to hear the Gospel message in simple terms that they can take and relate to their faith journey. To serve that goal, we must keep things simple, even if the topics are rich and theologically profound. Let me give you an example of what I mean by keeping things simple and relevant.

I think its fair to say that when most people see this mathematical equation, they recoil in fear!


Reliving the horrors of high school math and science class, we remember how our brain reacted to the seemingly complex and certainly overwhelming nature of Newton’s Second Law of Motion.
mind_boggledAnd of course that is a natural reaction because just like in our study of God, most of us in everyday life are not theologians or clergy….. or rocket scientists.


So you’re probably asking, what’s the point of all this rambling? The point is that even complex subjects can be explained in ways that are simple to understand and even more importantly that can be relevant to our daily lives. Take the above equation for example. If I explained that equation by saying “If you push on an object, it moves in the direction you push it”, most people would kind of get it. But, if I added this image to those words,
pushit1everyone would immediately understand because they can see themselves as the little person working to push the object.


But wait, there’s more! The pesky equation also tells us about better ways to move things. That equation also tells us, “If you want to move a heavier object, you have to push it harder.” Take a look at this picture and you’ll see what I mean. Now we have two people pushing
pushit2and the heavier object moves. So you see that with a few simple words, and a couple of supporting pictures, we’ve taken a complex idea and made it understandable.


Oh, the part that makes it relevant to our lives? It goes something like this. If you want to move a toaster, pick it up. If you want to move a refrigerator, call your buddies to help!! That is Simple Universal Truth.

So here at Simple Catholic Truth I’ll be talking about various ideas essential for growing our Christian relationship with God. If you are pressed for time, take a look at the Snapshots for a quick summary. Read the entire post if you have a little more time and interest. I’ll be posting regularly, so visit the site often. Better yet, enter your first name and email address in the Subscription Box (upper right panel) and I’ll send out a reminder email whenever a new post is published.



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